Thursday, October 4, 2007

prayer needed

In trying to get all the prayer we can, I thought I'd post a copy of the e-mail I sent out to family and friends this morning for anyone who has become my 'blog friend' that I might not have an e-mail for, or might not even really know! Thanks for standing with me and my family.

Dear Family & Friends,

Just wanted to ask you all to join us in prayer for the situation we are currently heading into. Mom has made it through the ‘year of firsts’ rather well, both emotionally, as well as surviving financially by God’s provision for her through the help of others, selling Dad’s truck, and her being able to have a a lot of overtime hours at H&R Block during tax season last year. Those hours also provided unemployment up until now, which has been enough to get by. She has been looking for work, although needing to find something that pays more than $10 or $11/hour, as taking something lesser would have provided less income than her unemployment had, up til now. In any case, nothing secretarial has opened up and, despite submitting several resumes on a near-daily basis, no jobs have turned up. Mom has now decided to sell the house, both because the cost of keeping it would be too great, as well as all the extra stresses of the repairs, upkeep, taxes, etc. The hope with this is for her to be able to broaden her horizons for a job to include things not as high paying or stressful that she could do in the in-between months of her tax job, as well as not have to worry about such high heating costs, utilities, repairs, etc.

This brings me to the prayer part… the whole process of getting the house ready for sale and putting it on the market is a rather huge undertaking. We are having to look at downsizing, making repairs (as we can), listing it, and praying for a buyer willing to pay enough to hopefully not just cover the mortgage, but give her something to walk away with to help supplement her costs. We are asking for prayer for those things, as well as for financial provision in the meantime, as she is now looking at a tax bill due the end of October, as well as the normal bills that will incur until the house is sold, plus whatever we have to put into repairs. We are also asking for anyone who might have connections to ways we can get very cheap (free would be even better!!) materials for the repairs, and/or know-how to help us.

This whole deal is, as I’m sure you can imagine, extremely emotional and draining for all of us, most of all mom, and I can’t accurately express how much we would appreciate your prayers and support as we walk through this next difficult phase. Also, I just wanted to say thank you again to all of you for being so supportive through the past year since Dad died. Looking back, a year ago we couldn’t have imagined making it to this point, and we know it’s only been by God’s grace we’ve made it. We love you all.


Jessi (for Mom (Carol), Livie, Betsy & the whole gang)

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Anonymous said...

i will keep you all in prayers. Keep me posted. Love you all. Jimmy DeWan