Tuesday, October 2, 2007

kickin' into overdrive!!!!!!!!!!!!

Just wanted to put up a post saying I might be disappearing for a bit...not sure (maybe I'll need to unload on here, so maybe I won't, but just in case...); I'm going into a bit of a time crunch. My mom has decided she needs to sell her house, and because of circumstances, not only, but including desperate financial need, it needs to happen as soon as possible. And there's a LOT that needs to get done to make that happen. The whole situation is difficult, emotional and draining for all of us, so I'd GREATLY appreciate all your prayers. Some of you will be getting an e-mail in the next few days filling you in a bit more, but for now, I just wanted to throw out there that I (and my family in general) is in need of much prayer coverage.

Of course, this comes as Todd and I are preparing to do a wedding in less than 2 weeks - only our 2nd ever. (No pressure). And it's for very close personal friends, so of course we want it to be absolutely perfect (again, no pressure). So you could throw one up about that too!

Then, of course, there's the whole fact that I have to be a mom, care for my family, teach school to my children, etc., etc. - those things called 'normal life' - that have to fit in as well.

Sooooo..... should be fun!!!


Anonymous said...

you know i will be praying for ALL of you. I love you all soo very much. So you know I will be praying for all of you. I have not stopped. I will not stop. You guys are awesome. Love you guys so very much. Do keep me posted. Jimmy DeWan

Zoanna said...

YOu'll be in my prayers. I was thinking yesterday about you and how difficult your mom's situation is. Selling a house is so draining, and I can't imagine doing it after a deep personal loss. AS for the wedding, don't even think about it being perfect, just memorable. So no matter what happens, your friends will be married at the end of it and will have memories, even if the cake that's delivered is the styrofoam one from the bakery window. (I saw that on AFV once!) I give you permission to take the next two weeks off homeschooling. Yup, I do. Guaranteed your kids will still graduate high school if you do this, and you can make it up later, like when their public school counterparts are off for lots of snow days and teacher meetings.