Saturday, June 30, 2007

Veggie Sammich

When we were down at the shore, there was this great little cafe called "The Dixie Picnic". We are on a limited diet because of our fast, so it was hard to find stuff to eat within our limits, but this place had something called a "Veggie Sammich" and it was DEEEELICIOUS. (Keep in mind, I've been on a very limited diet for almost 40 days, so my judgement may be slightly skewed...) But anyway, I e-mailed the restaurant when we came home to ask about their 'secret ingredient' and the owner was nice enough to e-mail me back with it. So I thought I'd share this wonderful summer sandwich with you all, and if you are ever in Ocean City, NJ check out the the Dixie Picnic!!

"Veggie Sammich"
12 (or 7?) grain bread (you know, the kind with the nutty whole grains in it)
chile mayo ('The Secret Ingredient' - mix 1/2 tsp Ancho Chile Powder in 1 cup mayo)
sliced tomato
sliced cucumber
sliced avacado (I got mine w/out the avacado, but Todd had it in his)
sunflower seeds

Mmmm....can't wait to go to the store today so I can get the stuff I need to make myself one!! (I know it sounds a bit unusual, but c'mon...try it!!)


Zoanna said...

Man, this does sound GREAT. Is your diet (refresh my memory) liek the Daniel Diet (meatless for a while?) When I was on that, I absolutely found my best tastebuds. Veggies and fruits never tasted so good. I can't beleive the Dixie Picnic owner woudl divulge the secret ingredient. Good for him!

jessi said...

Yep, basically a Daniel Fast...mainly trying to do only healthy (within reason - I can't do salads every day without dressing...); I'm doing NO meats or sweets (the only exception being sugar in my coffee or tea), very limited dairy, and trying to keep to only whole grains - breads, cereals, torillas, etc.

I, too, was very pleasantly surprised that the restaurant owner shared her recipe secret with us!! (I actually had guessed it, and she confirmed that I was right...I woulda just tried it anyway...)

Zoanna said...

I bet you're feeling great. When I did that diet, I sort of took the verse that says they did this for ten days before appearing before the king, and every 11th day had what I wanted. I found I had lost my addiction to sugar (I could take it or leave it) and more self control, more mental accuity, and jeans that could breathe. I should go back on.