Friday, June 29, 2007

Clemmers re-gathered

Well, the kids are all back home and everyone is tucked snugly into bed (much to Luke's delight). He has been a mess all week, wanting to be with his sister and brothers. I originally was thinking that having only one for a few days would be like a vacation; I did not realize how that particular One is a youngest who, apparently, is constantly entertained by one of his older siblings. When Kate was an only child she was quite happy to play on her own, and was very creative in finding things to do. Lukey - not so much. Every day he expected me to be with him at ALL made it very interesting to get much of anything done. And he didn't love the idea of sleeping in his bedroom alone (it's normally shared with both his brothers), but I must say, he did pretty well. When we tucked him in he would say "Mommy, pray me." So I would pray. Then I'd head for the door, only to hear "Mommy, sleep me." So I would consent to lay with him for a few minutes, but each time he would still be awake when I left, and was able to stay in bed and fall asleep himself. He actually did well for as much as I think he was minding it. But he was VERY happy to snuggle into his bed tonight, grinning at his brothers. When I asked him if he was happy they were home he said yes; I whispered to him "You should tell them that." He yelled "Hey guys! Lukey miss you. Lub you." The sentiments were returned, and all is now quiet here. Good thing, since it's almost 11:00 and we have a full day tomorrow, starting early.

Well, so much for my laundry list of things I was going to do on my 'week off'! :) That's OK, it's not often I have alone time with my 'baby' - who's not much of a baby anymore!! I did kinda enjoy just sitting and watching Sesame Street and Bob the Builder with him; I'm thinking I should cherish these moments...there's always dishes, laundry, shopping, etc, etc...but this is my last shot at having a 2 year old - I'll enjoy it while I can.

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Anonymous said...

i bet you were all happy to be together again under the same roof. Jimmy DeWan