Saturday, June 16, 2007

Todd's Happy Father's Day

Father's Day came a little earlier this week at our house. On Tuesday our new mower got 'delivered' and we surprised Todd when he got home from a meeting in Lancaster. God used someone to bless us with a used, but in very good condition, mower that needed only a belt replaced and a new battery. The person replaced the battery for us, cleaned up the tractor and brought it over on Tues. (Todd knew the mower might be available, but I followed up on getting it fixed up and delivered as his Father's Day present). The kids were so excited (but still want to give cards and other little stuff actually on Father's Day); here's a pic of what Todd saw when he pulled in the driveway on Tues. (Lukey was napping...sometimes it's just better to let sleeping children lie). He was thrilled, and so were we! And no more spending 3 hours push mowing!! Yeah!

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Anonymous said...

i guess it will be easier on Todd now to mow. Jimmy DeWan.