Saturday, June 16, 2007

a garden tea party

Kaitlyn had a garden tea party today with a few friends. This is what she wanted to do instead of a regular b-day party, but it's a little cold in March for that kind of thing, and then schedules got crazy so this was the first chance we could schedule it. Anyway, the weather was perfect, and she planned out every detail down the the rose bud and tea set chocolate mints we MADE last night, the flowers, the classical music, tea sandwiches, lawn games and even sugar-rimmed glasses of lemonade with a lemon wedge garnish. She's a regular Martha Stewart (which was among her first words...that should've been a clue way back then...). As the 'waitress', she even had me in a dress with a white lace-trimmed apron; I put my foot down when she asked me to wear a doily on my head!! Here's some pics from today.

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Anonymous said...

Kaitlyn looks so grown up. I cant believe how grown she looks. I bet she had a lot of fun at her tea party. Jimmy DeWan.