Wednesday, June 27, 2007

the shore (part 2)

God is so good. Last week I posted that we were trying to find someplace to stay at the shore that wasn't a total dive, but everything was so expensive. God blessed us through a few individuals that wanted to help out with the costs of our stay. We were so excited, and able to stay, then, at a place that we knew was nice on recommendation of friends. So we booked the room, (which was a blessing in itself as this week is the first week of 'peak' season so everything was very filled up) and the place was wonderful. In addition to a very clean, comfortable room, nice common area and dining room, the inn had rest rooms on the main level and outside shower and changing area, free parking as well as complimentary beach tags all that we could use for the remainder of the day after check out (since it was at 11 am). So we got up early, had breakfast and got to spend a few hours on the beach before we finalized things with the realtor for the condo we found.

This is the first time ever that we are planning a family vacation for ourselves. We've gone away for a few nights with others, and last year some friends left us use a a few days at their time share in the Poconos, but we've never actually saved up, picked out a place and gone just with us and our kids. Don't misunderstand...we've LOVED the times we've gone with others (13 of us in a one-room efficiency last year at OC, MD while it rained the whole time was definitely stuff memories are made of!!), and appreciated the shorter getaways we've done, but this is something new and exciting for us as a family. We got a good deal (we needed pretty cheap - saving up is good, we just didn't have a lot to set aside in the monthly budget towards it, but decided it was important so tried to do at least something) on a 3 bedroom/2 bath condo that is a block and a half from the beach. We are going after the season is actually over (going the 3rd week of Sept), which for me is perfect anyway...still warm weather, warm water, but less crowds, which is what made it so stinkin' cheap!! I'm so excited and it will be so good (although probably stretching) for our family to have a whole week of just each other. We are people-people, and tend to always be doing something with someone, so it's healthy for us to have some alone time. That's actually something hard for me...not that I don't like to be with my family - I do LOVE that part, I just have trouble letting everything else go. Checking out for a week seems almost unfathomable to me.

So, all that to say, our accommodations were lovely - (see the pics below), the time away was refreshing for Todd & I, and - MISSION ACCOMPLISHED - the Clemmer's are taking a family vacation!! Yeah!


Zoanna said...

I can so relate with what you're saying. For YEARS we just didn't have the funds to go to a destination that wasn't with relatives. I loved our family times, but longed to have my hubby to myself more often, longed to make memories by ourselves--just our little family of 5 then--but accomodations were too costly. When Paul finally started making decent money, he was thrilled to be the one making reservations at Outer Banks, and then the next year Myrtle Beach. In all honesty , though, he "checks out" MENTALLY once we're there and sometimes leaves me wishing I had taken a girlfriend along for conversation and mindless shopping. Is that selfish?

Zoanna said...

PS WE did our vacations in Sept when homeschooling. LOVED the sparsely populated beaches adn pools and cheaper rates.

Briana Almengor said...

looks like a beautiful place!