Thursday, May 17, 2007

the lost days

Well, now that I've vented in my last post, on to the rest of life that's been happening at the Clemmer house since last Saturday.

  • 3 out of 4 Clemmer children report that the stomach bug that has hit is NO FUN!! Kate & Luke seem to be through it (finally!!), Bryce is right in the throws of fever, puke & diarrhea now (he could use prayer)... Also pray for far he's been untouched (and we'd like it to stay that way)!!
  • Bryce gave all his money this past Sunday in the offering. He was sooo excited to do it. The next morning a PS2 Madden '07 game appeared on our van under the windshield wiper with this note:We honestly have no idea who did this... When Kate brought it in and we all were looking at it, Todd asked me "Do you know who did this?" I said "No! You don't either?!?" He said "No..." To which Bryce EMPHATICALLY responded "It was GOD!!! It says 'Your heavenly father...that's GOD!!!" He was one pumped little boy, who no doubt has experienced something that will stay with him a lifetime.
  • We just got Kaitlyn's standardized test scores back and she did great! Kate's never been a great test-taker, and timed anything makes her freeze up. Her 1st grade teacher told us this back when they would do 2-minute addition drills. She said that she stopped making it a 'race' for a handful of the kids (Kate included) because she could see as soon as she said "Go!" they would freeze. She continued giving them timed tests, just not making a big deal about it, and they all did better. So as you can imagine, standardized tests are not Kaitlyn's favorite thing. But I tried to make it 'no-big-deal' this year and reassured her she would not fail 5th grade if she didn't do well (which is apparently what she thought the other years she took it - poor kid!!); she said she was much more relaxed this year. She scored on and above grade level in everything. Hallelujah!
  • Our worship team has deserted us this week (well, the 2 leaders and the bass player anyway) and that leaves me to lead. Not a strong point for me...I do ok on the piano, and I do ok singing, but having to lead doing both at the same time... did I mention I'm not real coordinated? (By the way, I'm just kidding about the desertion...they all had very legit things happening, which I honestly wouldn't want them to miss...I just wish it didn't all happen on the same day!!)
Well, I guess that's enough for now. I'll probably continue to have a few more rambling posts (I've got at least one more about Desitin I've just gotta share...), now that I've uncorked the stuff that's been bottled up the past few days...


Deana Watson said...

wow...way better than santa claus! how awesome that someone did that for your little guy!

Briana Almengor said...

That is awesome what took place w/ Bryce.
Having just gotten over the bug in our house, I will be praying for your crew w/ much empathy!!