Monday, April 23, 2007

learning to relax

We've been having a lot of trouble these days figuring out what our 'day off' is supposed to look like. Since Todd is working at H2O again, which is 3 very long days Tues-Thurs (gone 6-6:30, then home to church stuff on Wed & Thurs nights), we have a lot to cram into the other 4 days a week. I'm not complaining, just saying we are having to learn to re-adjust. Sundays don't really feel like an off-day because of having to load up/set up/re-load/unload all the church stuff, and admittedly, often finishing up the message and other random things. Friday and Saturday are definite church work days. So that makes Monday his (our) day off.

We are always wondering if that day off means 'work-around-the-house' day, or actually 'rest and relax day'. Today, I am happy to say, we were able to do both! We did some of the 'necessary' stuff this morning that had to be done, then took off with the kids for a couple hours - had lunch and played in the park. It was really nice. The kids had fun on the playground and throwing stones into the creek. Plus there weren't too many people, since it was Monday, so it was very quiet. Nice... Then we came home to do the first mowing of the season - yeah!! and some other stuff, including finishing some school work. Overall, a very relaxing day! Ahhhh....

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Anonymous said...

Its always good to have a day off every once in a while. Either rest and relax or doing something with your family. Jimmy