Monday, April 23, 2007

growing faith and building momentum

I am SOOOO EXCITED! And honestly, that's an understatement!!

We have found a building that is perfect for Koinonia House! It's a storefront space that is for lease. It even has a platform, because the last business in it was Bingo. There's plenty of space for a coffee bar and cafe-style set up for our Celebration service. There is currently an office and other room which would be our Kidz Church classroom. The landlord is extremely nice and willing to work with us, and very positive about leasing to a church (other owners have not been too hyped on the idea). He's also willing to allow us to frame out and throw up a few more rooms, which would be a nursery, prayer room (could double as an extra Kidz Church room if needed), and also an art studio area. (There's even a glass-enclosed area that as soon as our artsy people saw it, they were thinking of displays...) It's on High Street, which, while we are on the outter edge of town, turns into the main street of Pottstown. It's also in an area that really needs's a couple doors down from an adult bookstore and a few blocks from the low income housing. Plenty of people needing Jesus there!!

Our only thing holding us up from signing the lease and moving in is - money. We need some. Actually, we need a lot. But my faith level is growing with each day. I really believe this could be the next step God has for us! Someone gave $50 seed to officially start our 'facility fund' last night. One of the people at church had an idea for a church-wide, month-long, rotating yard sale. We are willing to sell pizzas, candles, or whatever other fundraisers we can! We are getting letters and brochures ready to send out, as well as filming a 'commercial' that will be posted on our website and YouTube. But MOSTLY we are praying, and gearing up for a corporate fast, asking God for miraculous provision. We are asking him to put it on people's hearts to support us in this HUGE step towards realizing the vision and destiny of Koinonia House. Our goal is to raise $50,000 in order to cover the entire first year rent & utilities, the extra building modifications, furnishings and sound system. With God, NOTHING is impossible!!! If you'd like to be the first to accept this opportunity to sow into the Koinonia House Facility Fund Drive (I'm also looking for name suggestions for our campaign - feel free to post some in the comments!), we should have PayPal up and running on our website by tonight. (Of course, if you'd rather send a check, shoot me an e-mail). I truly believe God is going to provide for us in amazing ways! (Also, if you are a new friend or not familiar with Koinonia House, I'd LOVE to share our vision with you...just let me know!)

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Anonymous said...

i will keep praying for you guys. I will pray that you raise the money so you can move into the building since Koinonia House is really growing fast. I am pleased its growing. I hope it continues to grow and grow. Keep GROWING Koinonia House. Jimmy