Monday, October 29, 2012


Nothin' much going on here...just sitting all tucked in, waiting to get blasted with the second largest hurricane of the century. While we have yet to see much actual weather-excitement, this has already been an event of historic that, I have accomplished more cleaning, laundry, baking and other 'preparations' than ever before seen prior to noon on a Monday!

Who knows if we'll actually experience any real adverse effects from Hurricane Sandy, and I'm not one given to panic and overreaction, but after several friends losing power for over a week during last October's freak storms, I decided to heed all the warnings to prepare for such issues such as loss of electricity (thus including heat and cooking capabilities, as well as the all-important ability to FLUSH!) and inability to actually get out anywhere.  It may all be for naught, but we have filled several containers of all kinds and sorts with water...some sitting waiting, some frozen, as well as filled up the bathtub, hauled out the candles, refilled the oil lamp, and charged all phones and computers.  Oh, and don't forget, rented a few new movies and pulled out the old favorites.

I think we're set.  And so we wait.  (Though, I'm thankful nothing has really started getting crazy yet as my ever-dutiful husband did go off to work this morning to tend to his responsibilities.  While I'm grateful to have such an integral and respectable guy...his keen sense of responsibility tends to result in my nervous paranoia that he will get stranded somewhere, and I stuck home alone to deal with the forces of nature.  So, I'm hoping for a few more hours of calm before the real storm hits.)

While we settle in we have "Mirror, Mirror" and "The Iron Lady" on tap, as well as "Luther" (at least for me) and probably some old favorites like "Despicable Me".  I figure we'll watch movies first, while we still have power, and save the games like Settlers, Blokus, and Boggle for later.

So, are you being affected by 'Frankenstorm'?  What are you doing to prepare or pass the time?

As a 'Grease' fan, my fav picture from all the storm hubbub!


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