Monday, June 4, 2012

great Pinterest find

Today I watched this interesting video discussing the pros and cons of the wonderful world of Pinterest.

Let me just go ahead and be the first to say...

"Hi. My name is Jessi, and I'm addicted to Pinterest..."

Yes, it's true...I am on the site multiple times a day...and I love it. (Wow, 'fessing up to 2 addictions in as many days...  Oh well, just keepin' it real...) I did connected with some of what these ladies were calling some 'cons' of the site...namely for me that it can be a time waster, and stir up feelings of discontent or inadequacy. Mostly though, for myself, I do get lots of ideas from it that ARE actually feasible, like recipes and DIY projects, and little for this cleaning solution that I made and tried today.   (This isn't my's the one from Pinterest - I was too lazy to take one, plus I was on a cleaning streak and didn't want to stop for blog photography.  If you click the pic, it will take you to the blog post with the directions for making the tub/shower cleaner.)  The page says specifically to use the blue Dawn, so I'm not sure why they show this one...but whatever.  It's super easy to make...
12 ounces of white vinegar, 12 ounces of blue Dawn dishsoap; mix and pour in a spray bottle.  (And just a note...spray bottles like this at Target were $4-5.  I found one for $1.50 at Giant.)  

I am happy to report to you that it work fantastically, and I think will be much more economical than my traditional favorite 'Scrubbing Bubbles'.  I can be a little picky about my bathroom cleaners...I don't like things that aren't thick enough and just run off (i.e. - sprays such as Tilex or Fantastic) or that smell terribly chemically.  Now, I will admit, there's a slight vinegary smell to this, but after I rinsed it away, it was totally gone within a few minutes.  But it's nice and thick and cleans great...even where I had little rust dots from our razors.  While I did wipe everything with a sponge, the only 'scrubbing' I did was on those rust dots.  My only real complaint is that it produces TONS of bubbles which I had trouble getting rid of, but when I went back to the site, someone mentioned if that happened to sprinkle some salt and rinse, and they'd be I'll keep that in mind for next time.  I also realized after doing the shower/tub that I didn't need to use as much as I did, so I didn't go quite so squirt-happy on the sinks.

It did great on my chrome faucets as well.

Overall, a big win for another Pinterest idea!


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Zoanna said...

I'm gonna give this a try.