Thursday, January 5, 2012

moving toward my 'somedays'

Is 'bigger' really 'better'??
Or does putting that quarter in the cart really save me big $$?

Well, as I mentioned yesterday, shopping using my new E-mealz plan was an adventure.  The reason for this is, while I think the plan, as is, will help me save money, I'm seriously on a mission here to save the MOST moolah that I instead of just hitting up Aldi with my list, I'm in the ongoing process of trying to figure out the best deals, even if it means buying in bulk and adjusting my meal plans a bit to use what I will have on hand.  Yesterday was only round one in the process, where I priced meats at Costco, but still ended up buying them at store #2 (Aldi), even though it was a few cents more.  However, I now know for the future, and will plan accordingly when it comes to meats.  I'm also becoming more willing (because my children being older and my schedule being more flexible now affords me this privilege that just wasn't a workable option for me a few short years ago) to shop at multiple stores in order to get the best deals.  It's still a pain...but I'm testing the waters to see if it's worth it or not.  I'll letcha know my opinion...
Now let me say, right up front, I'm so not good at this intentional, 'frugal''s new and a pretty major change for me, because on the whole, I'm a completely undisciplined I'm sharing a journey that you can expect me to not be stellar at here at the start.  In order for this whole process to really work, I'm trying to approach it like a 'fun' challenge...something to be conquered.  But to be perfectly honest, I'm not really good at that.  I have friends to actually enjoy the game of Reality vs. Budget...they love couponing or saving or searching and searching for the best deals.  I will say straight up I am not one of those people...but I'm really, really trying.  This is a whole new arena for me to jump into...but I have been motivated.

You may remember me talking about my 'dream house' a few months back.  One that seemed so perfect...and yet just out of reach.  Even though the house is back on the's still just out of reach.  But I have benefited greatly from this whole experience, in that, I have received a wake up call.  I have begun to realize that instead of living in from a place of "that can/will never happen for me" (and I'm not just talking money, but dreams/goals...things I'd like to do, etc.) I can actually begin to do things that might make those 'dreams' realities.  The fact of the matter is, someday I would like a house with more space...more space for my growing kids, for their friends...eventually their spouses and their children.  (Not that I'm dwelling on that grandkid thing...I know I'm still waaaaay off from that...BUT it's thinking about it NOW that will make my desires for then possibilities!)  Someday I would like to do something 'real' with my it 'real' blogging, an e-book, something...  Someday I would like to not be completely frustrated by my budget, and be wracked with guilt every time I spend money, whether it's for a necessity or not.  Someday I would like to have some semblance of my home, my schedule, my life.  And the fact of the matter is that somehow, RIGHT NOW I need to start moving in the direction of my 'somedays'.  So, I'm taking baby steps.
In case you are wondering, these are not my real legs...though those thigh rolls may have led you to believe they were..

Some of you reading this may think 'duh''ve lived this way your whole life.  Maybe money's not an issue, and you've been taught to go for your dreams.  Maybe you're completely disciplined and you live a peaceful and orderly life.  In fact, a few of you specifically are drifting through my mind, and I'm trying not to be ashamed of sharing what I am writing this very minute, risking the thought of being looked down upon.  (Which, you probably, in reality aren't looking down on me at all...but I'm just saying, in my mind, it feels like a risk.)  At the same time, some of you are probably thinking that you are far worse off than me, and YOU can never change either.  It's for you, as well as myself...even if it's one or two of you...that I'm choosing to just be honest and share my journey.  Because it's been years of me hearing other peoples' stories...being encouraged by their successes and purposefulness...that has convinced me things can change...progress can be made.'s to progress, and changes and growth.  And dreams.  Yep, dreaming is good too.

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