Friday, January 6, 2012

just say no??

Here's a completely random, out of left field post for you...

A question that came to mind today, but seemed more appropriate to make a blog post than a Facebook status question.  The reason for this is because, as we know, every human we've ever known or met or glanced at in passing is now our Facebook 'friend', and at least here it seems (to me) a bit more 'intimate' because whoever is here actually came here by choice, so a little bit 'safer'.  I'm not really looking to start any arguments or freak anyone out about why I'm's just a general question I was pondering.  So here goes...

What keeps you from doing the wrong thing when you really, really want to?  I don't know what it is for you...we all have our 'things'.  It could be anything...from as simple saying no to junk food (not something I can relate to) not going ballistic on your kids or spouse when that's really what you feel like...or not giving someone the finger as you drive down the road...or maybe not just going out and tying one on.  (And don't get all goody-goody on me here, because those, my friends, are the plain and simple realities of life.)  I don't know...  My 'thing' is most often attitude-related...when I am cranky I have a tendency to want to just spew my venomous attitude everywhere and make sure everyone around me can appreciate my misery.  Yell at my kids, growl at the husband, post nasty Facebook've witnessed (though never actually experienced) it I'm sure.  Those drama-mamas you just ignore and hope they'll go away...well, at least I do.  The really frustrating thing is when the drama-mama is in the mirror!  Blech.  Anyway, as a mature (or maturing) adult we are expected (at least, I expect of myself and hopefully others) that we can overcome these primal urges to just give in to whatever we think is going to make us feel favor of the wiser choices.  But sometimes that is just not easy...(trust me, I know) what source do you draw on to get the strength to 'just say no' to those things you know you really shouldn't give in to?  (By the way, later I will post my answer to my own question...but I want to hear you first.)

(Disclaimer: this post has come from my own well of crankiness today and are in no way directed at or referring to any specific individual, corporation, non-profit organization, government or nation.  There...did I cover everyone?)  ;)


Julie said...

This is a good question Jessi! I can think of a lot of "wrong" things that I don't say "no" to, but not as many that I do say "no" to.
Okay, is this a totally judge free zone??? Cause if I'm 'bout to let lose up in here I don't want no judgin'!
The thing that I want to do that is wrong (very wrong), but I say "no" to is... flirting with men or trying to get their attention. It is something that I have always struggled with and from age 10 and up I have done it. It was really easy for me to get attention when I was young and cute and skinny; and I loved it. (I think it might be a slight "daddy" issue, idk.)But, I'd say for about the last 10-ish years I have stopped. Out of respect for my husband, mostly. There. I said it.

Jessi said...

It's TOTALLY a judge-free zone here, Julie...and that's a great one! I can totally identify...and honestly, there was a time where I didn't say no to that exact issue...and now, my motivation to say no is also deep respect I have for my husband as well as the memory of the near-devastation it brought my marriage at that time!

And by the way...I really appreciate your honesty! That was a great response!