Wednesday, November 2, 2011

30 Days of Thanks

Typical of everything in my life...I'm running a bit behind.  But I thought, 'better late than never' certainly applies here, and I've deciding to jump on this bandwagon of  '30 Days of Thankfulness'.  I've been a bit less than thankful of late, and so I decided that having to do a post every day stating to myself, and the blog world (whoever that may be) would be a very good thing to do.  I'm also inviting you to join me.  If you have your own blog, of course, you can do a daily post there.  If not, no worries!!  How about sharing in the comments here something each day that you are thankful for!  Or, you could do it on Facebook if you hang out over there.  In any case, cultivating thankfulness is always a good how about it?  Wanna join me?

Okay, here's 2 of mine...making up for starting a day late...

1.  I am VERY grateful for electricity!  After freak October snowstorm that left thousands of people in our area without power, (we were only out for a few hours...several friends still don't have any, and the storm was on Saturday!!) I have a very real sense of how much easier our lives are with the blessings of modern technology...all brought to us via the power of electricity.  While it was a fun little 'adventure' for us, being out for such a short time...basically, we dressed a little warmer, did things by candlelight and conserved flushes (we have a well, so no electricity means no water) has NOT been fun for those who have lost lots of food, haven't been able to shower or even stay in their homes because of no heat, etc.  Something we might not even think of to be grateful for under normal circumstances!

2.  I'm very thankful for my wonderfully deep bathtub, and the fact that I can now use it.  You may or may not know we are in the process of renovating our bathroom, and we were without our tub for about a month and a half...using just the tiny shower stall in the basement.  Yesterday I was feeling rather icky, and experiencing back pain, and it was so nice to take a nice long soak.

So...what are you thankful for?

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Laura said...

I'm thankful for my house. It's not too big, not to small (yet, lol) and I love making it a 'home'.