Thursday, October 6, 2011

oh, well....

Some days you just gotta say "Oh, well..."  Here are some of my recent "Oh, well..." moments:
  • Realizing that the extra, random straw in the box of juice bags means someone went to school with a juice bag and NO straw.  (Sure enough, he told me he squeezed the bag and sucked the juice out through the little hole!)
  • Luke had a bloody nose, twice, in the night.  He handles them fairly well himself, but needs to be cleaned up a bit in the morning, as there's usually a bit of blood here or there on his face, as was the case this morning.  I laid a fresh wash cloth out for him and told him to wash his face good.  Amidst the usual morning scurry, I sent him off, assuming he had done as told.  After the bus pulled away, I went in the bathroom and saw the fresh wash cloth still folded - and dry - by the sink.  Here's hoping no one thinks he gets abused at home!!
  • Realizing as I went in the laundry room this morning...where a couple of our guy friends were working with Todd last night on our plumbing for our bathroom renovations....that all my bras are still lined up on the laundry line.  Nice.  :/
  • Also upon entering the laundry room, oh, say, for the third time this morning, I kept realizing something seemed different.  It seemed more spacious...oh, what was that feeling exactly??  Tidy!  That was the unrecognized sensation I was experiencing!  Now I'm just wondering where all the stuff went that I just leave sitting atop the dryer?!?  (Dryer sheets, laundry detergent, lingerie bags for delicates, etc.)  Hmmm...  Oh well!!!

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