Saturday, October 29, 2011

not to gross you out, but...

So I actually have a couple fun and interesting posts that have been cooking in my little brain...but since I haven't had the time to put those into any kind of coherent format, I thought I'd instead take a minute to entertain you with the dramatic story of my outbreak of jawline acne.  Fun stuff, right?? 

The past couple of weeks I've had a break out on my jawline...wasn't sure if it was a rash or just a few pimples, but they've become increasingly annoying, and tonight I finally decided to Google jawline acne.  Sure enough, several articles came up saying that women ages 25-55 often experience bouts of jawline acne.  Hmmm...okay, tell me more. 

The causes they listed included stress, hormone fluctuations, long hair, not removing makeup thoroughly at night, and resting your chin on your hand. 

Guilty as charged on all counts.

Now if only remedying those causes was as simple as identifying them.

Wanna know the weirdest part of it all??  My sister (who we often joke that we 'share a brain' because we can be so similar) has the exact.same.breakout going on right now.  Bizarre.  And both of us.

Well, that was an informative little post, wasn't it??  I promise the next one won't be  :)

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Andrea said...

I literally looked at my hands after reading this and considered the millions of germs I just deposited on my face. :)