Tuesday, March 15, 2011

project simplify...week 2

I know that yesterday was Monday, and I'm running a bit behind, but as promised, here's the link for Simple Mom's next "hot spot" in Project Simplify....

Paper clutter.  Ugh.  Is she peeking in my house and just picking the projects that are cruelest most needed for me specifically?  I do believe so.  Anyway...I might as well just 'man up' and deal with it.  All this clutter (literally piles that I keep moving from place to place!) really does need to be gotten under control, so it looks like this week it's gonna happen!  I do think some pretty file boxes or some kind of hanging organizer might be in my future...

Cleaning is also more enjoyable if it opens up some new decorating space, so I'm also planning to encourage spring along by getting out some of my spring decor this week as well.  Time to say goodbye to that final snowman I've let hang around for so long,
 My valentine door decor,

and sadly...my yarn wreath.  This one is the only thing that I've really been dragging my feet on, because I just love it so much.  But, I guess I will appreciate it all the more when I pull it back out next November if I put it away now.

Time to welcome some flowers, birdies and such into the mix!!


Laura said...

Oh fun :) I've been enjoying spring cleaning.

Briana Almengor said...

I won't officially link up w/ this decluttering project, but I am trying to be inspired by it and do a little decluttering myself. I have kiddos to teach, so I just couldn't commit to it. I did tackle two small piles yesterday and am going to try proceeding like that as much as I can this week. It's like eating an elephant...one bite at a time. I think everyone can relate w/ the paper clutter getting out of hand. I know I can. It's a nightmare here, too.

If it were solely up to me, I'd shred it all. wouldn't even look at it likely. But, that's how bills don't get paid and the water gets turned off on you one day. :)
My hubby, while responsible to pay the bills and not just chuck the paper b/c it's driving him nuts to see it in that pile, keeps TOO much paper. He's a filer. He has paperwork from way too many years ago. it's a bit neurotic in my opinion, but we all have our little "things", right?!

So, I've got to figure out how to work through all of that, too.

Just keep thinking, "one bite at a time" and be glad you don't have to actually eat a real elephant. :)