Friday, March 18, 2011

project paper declutter-FAIL; rest of week- WIN!

I have a confession.  Week 2 of Project Simplify was a total FAIL.  Paper decluttering??  Ha!  I barely had time to breath this week...we literally had something every.single.night., and it will continue at this pace through the weekend.  And my days have been almost as busy for one reason or another.  I not only need to tackle the paper in order to 'declutter'...I'm pretty sure there's probably some items lurking in those piles that actually need to be addressed!!  Agh!

However, I will say my week hasn't been a fail...just the decluttering part.  I spent time with family, helped out some friends, finally had the privilege of having our small group back together (after almost losing a member to a very complicated childbirth), took care of other 'to-do' items, took our boys to an epic concert last night, and today get to go to school to celebrate with Seth his 'good citizen' award.  So, overall, a crazy-but-in-a-good-way kind of week.

Maybe tomorrow will afford me some time to address the clutter.  Makes sense, right...I posted the challenge a day late, so I finish it a day late, right?

In other news, we got to take the boys to a "Winter Jam" concert last night...  I have to admit it was pretty awesome, and there's definitely an added appreciation to only having to drive less than a half hour to the event, and only paying $10 to get in!  We heard about 7 or 8 bands...including my favorite David Crowder Band as well as the phenomenal Newsboys.  (Though, if you are a product of my generation, maybe you can identify with having a hard time wrapping your brain around Michael Tait (formerly of DC Talk) being the main Newsboy now??  It's just weird.)  Anyway, as a teenager, I was very into the whole (then still emerging) Christian Rock thing, loved going to concerts, and yes...Creation Festival was a highlight of many a summer.  Unfortunately, I grew up and learned that I really despise camping.  And not-so-mcuh a big fan of huge crowds...especially now that I have children to keep track of IN those crowds.  But, see, now I have these boys.  Musical boys.  That love bands and concerts even more than their Mama.  Thus, the begging has begun...and the whole "but YOU got to go...".  But I'm staying least for a few more years...(hopefully).  We'll see how long I can last.  I will admit, seeing Harry Thomas there last night did make me all nostalgic.  (Sorry, you'll only get that one if you've been to Creation...)

(Oh, and remember the "This is the Stuff" song I posted last Saturday?  I got to see Francesca perform it live last night too.  Very fun!)  :)


Laura said...

Thanks again for running 'Jessi's Daycare' yesterday.

Dan Endy said...

I love michael Tait. He's awesome.