Friday, March 11, 2011

project simplify - only not so 'simple'...

Closet cleaning isn't one of my favorite things, but I will say it's not one of my worst either.  My main frustration with it is that I really don't have much options space-wise, and what's in there, pretty much needs to stay there.  However, it could, as you shall see in a moment, stay there in a much more organized way.  And I did clean out a bunch of clothes, and apparently a lot of junk I have hung onto  for years...judging by the trash bag full I hauled out of my room!

I really, really wanted to run right out to Target and buy some cute closet organizers, but I had to reign myself in, and resolve to not spend any money on this project.  I mean, I adore seeing all those fancy and loverly closets in all the blogland makeovers I gawk at, but the reality is, no one even sees my, practically ever...and there are plenty of other more important things I need to save for.  So my determination was to use what I have and not spend ANY money.  I accomplished that...until the very end.

I had taken the sliding doors off to make the clean-out easier...the doors are a pain, and prevent me from getting at the whole closet at once.  And they are just on a track (which the pop off of all the time...grrr) so I just popped them off and went on my merry way.  Til it was time to put them back on.  I couldn't get them on at my darling husband told me to just leave them for him.  Let's just say, he had a little trouble too.  While trying to hang the one door, he thought it might help to 'nudge' it from the bottom...while wearing steel-toed boots. we need a new closet door.  Somehow the SIMPLEST of projects always leads to another project around here.  *sigh*

Anyway, here's the big reveal. mean comments about the before, okay?!?!

So here goes.... Before:
You're probably thinking, what IS all that crap???  Yeah, I know.  That would be a bin of all my summer clothes, the 'spring' bedding for our room (there is literally no where else to keep it!), our overnight bags, and apparently some of the kids' overnight bags too (which I didn't even know had snuck in there!), a pile of my 'painting clothes' that aren't drawer worthy, and goodness knows what else.  Oh, curlers.  Lots and lots of curlers.  Which I can't get rid of, because when we have a special occasion, like, twice a year...I actually do use them!  But I needed to find a better way to organize it all.  And I did!

Ta Da...After!
My hubby is ALWAYS lamenting that he doesn't have any space of his now he does.  Those shelves there are all his!  See don't need an office after all!! ;)  I took this picture before he got home, so already a few slight changes have been made to the closet, but nothing major.  And the doors are back on now, and I SURE AS HECK wasn't about to take them off again to do an updated 'after' pic!!  But you get the general's a LOT better.  :) 

And I didn't spend a dime!  Well...not yet anyway.  There is that little door thing...  ;)

So, how 'bout you?  Did you do the challenge with me?  If so, let me know if the comments so I can come check it out!  And you'll want to head over to Simple Mom and link it up there too!!  I'm looking forward...ever so next week's 'hot spot' challenge!!


Zoanna said...

Congratulations, Jess! That's a lot of work, but it sure pays off. The redo looks great. Kudoes for not spending money on more organizers. It's tempting, but the better thing is to eliminate STUFF so you don't have to buy things to stuff the stuff into!

I did almost all the work on Monday (surprised myself!) and have a few finishing touches left today. I plan to post by the end of the night .Got house guests coming in for the weekend that I just found out about last night.

Sara said...

Wow! That looks great.

Holly said...

Nice work Jessi!!! It looks great! Gotta love a newly cleaned out space!