Wednesday, February 2, 2011

snow day...the never ending saga

I really can't believe we are home bound yet again. Another snow day. Well, really, today is an 'ice day'. Here's some pics out my front door...
Snow days can be fun. A few, here and there, over the course of an entire winter season. But when they come one after the other, they are about as fun as contractions that come in quick succession during the transition phase of labor. Well, that might be an overstatement...but seriously, today I think I've reached my limit. The kids are beginning to bounce off the walls, I'm battling a pretty good case of PMS (complete with fighting random, for-no-good reason tears), and I woke up to find this stain smack in the middle of my living room carpet from doggie puke. Great. (At least she looks sorry.)
I have a few ideas for fun and encouraging posts that I want to do...but at the moment, they're not flowing very well. So for now, I think I'll follow my kids' lead and tuck in to enjoy this...
It never gets old! :)

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