Monday, October 25, 2010

playing favorites

Do you have a favorite 'something' in your house? The one that you always want to use? In our house we all have certain things that we just really WANT that particular one, and get just a little out of whack if we can't have it for some reason. Now, before you think "what a selfish little family!", I want to clarify. We aren't talking about anything major, it's not about having the 'best' of something for ourselves, and it's not like anyone gets angry or nasty....we just all have funny preferences. Take for instance, me. My main thing is mugs. I have 2 mugs that are just my favorites. I try to always use one of the two of them whenever I have a hot beverage. I just like the weight of them, the feel of the handle and the perfect way my hand can fit them and be nice and warm while I sip. It's just a weird 'me' thing. And, they were each given to me by special friends, which also reminds me of them when I use them. So that's my thing. Todd likes to use only a certain few of our towels. Kaitlyn likes only glass drinking glasses (as opposed to the plastic ones), and usually picks 2 particular ones. When Bryce comes out first thing in the morning, he always likes to sit and zone for a few minutes wrapped up in one of the living room throw blankets, and he usually picks a fuzzy one over the quilted one. All of my kids like a particular blanket on their bed, and favors their "Nanny" blankets (afghans my mom crocheted for each of them). I'm not even sure they are aware of these tendencies to always pick the particular thing even though there are multiple choices, but it's something I've noticed.

It reminds me of a funny memory of my dad. During my growing up years, he always had a certain brown recliner that was 'his' chair. When he came home after a long hard day of work, we kids were expected to get out of the chair so he could sit there. It was just his spot. But after years and years of use, the chair was getting rather worn looking. My mom had seen a good deal on a recliner/love seat that she thought would make a great gift for dad to replace that old brown recliner, because not only would it look better, but they could recline side by side! So, we waited til Christmas morning (it had been delivered the day before but we kept it hidden), sent dad upstairs, dragged out his chair and unveiled the new love seat. Sadly, he was not happy. He was actually quite upset. He demanded to know where 'HIS' chair was. He drug the ugly thing back in and it stayed right next to the lovely new piece of furniture. For years. (In fact, he never did get rid of the chair. Once we kids were all out of the house, Dad turned the attic into his 'man cave' and the chair got moved up there. It stayed there until he died.) While it's hilarious to think back on now, it was one of the worst Christmas mornings in my memory. Well, we really didn't have many bad Christmases, but that one definitely was. But, years removed from the situation, it's really funny to me to think of now. It may have been less than gracious of him, and maybe rather selfish, but at least I can say I now understand. I mean, even if my mugs were chipped, I don't think I'd be too happy about having some overly helpful and well-meaning person replace them for me without my knowledge. I'd definitely be more gracious than he was (let's suffice it to say Daddy wasn't the most...uh...'tactful' person in the world), but I might secretly cry later. Okay, probably not actually cry. But maybe. Just sayin'.
Do you have any 'favorites' and do you get bent out of shape if someone makes them unavailable to you??

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Zoanna said...

I definitely prefer glasses to drink from, and have too many favorite mugs. I've actually been pondering a post of my favorite mugs:). My hubby has favorite socks, my daughter favorite rituals (looooog hot showers, long drives in the car), sons have favorite

I can empathize with your dad. My family keeps begging me to part with the changing table that is too rickety to hold a grandbaby (or anything else) but it was the last thing my grandparents gave me before Grandpa died. I can't get rid of it...yet. I would get really angry if they dumped it w/o asking me.