Wednesday, August 4, 2010

I want to win! pick me, pick me!!!

I really like vinyl wall clings. I have one in my bedroom, and there's one in Bryce's room. I would love to put a 'Welcome' one like this one
on my front door....eventually, after I get it painted red, of course. Really, I'd probably have them all over the house! But they get a little costly.

However, Kimba over at A Soft Place to Land, is having an AHHHHMAZING giveaway right now. She is giving away this nifty little thing that hooks up to your computer that lets you make your own clings. And do glass etching. And scrapbooking stuff. It's a miracle-machine I tell you!!

Ok, well, that may be getting a little carried away. But I would so love to have one of these Silhouette Digital Cutting tools. I love it enough to shamelessly say that the only reason I am even sharing the secret of this little (or not-so-little) giveaway is that it will get me my 5th entry for the drawing. And my chances are doubled, because Betsy wants the thing as much as I do. So, that makes 10 entries between my sis and I, and we share very nicely. What's hers in mine and what's mine is hers.... Or something like that. :)

So, wish me luck! I'll let you know if I happen to win, because I so won't be able to contain myself!!

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Holly said...

GOOD LUCK to both of you!! Hope you win or that Bets does!