Friday, June 18, 2010

welcome summer!

It's been another whirlwind week with school winding down (meaning, for the first time ever for Kate - finals!) and baseball literally every night! I'm quite excited to say we've come through our first year of 'real' school (ha!) with flying colors. (WHEW!) All the kids did fine academically, and I am happy and relieved to say seem to have made good friendships and overall, adjusted completely and (for the most part) with ease.

While Kate and Bryce are rejoicing to be done, Seth is actually a little sad, and looking forward to the week of "invetor's camp" that he has coming up at the end of the month. That kid just LOVES to learn, and experiment, and as he told me the other week "explore new ideas"!

Our summer is filling up quickly, with next week the kids being at Grammy and Grandpop's all week for VBS (an annual summer tradition they love) AND now (just to keep things "complicated") Bryce's tournament games and practices are all week as well. (I also wait for this particular week with great anticipation all year, and I must say I'm trying not to be too out of sorts about the prospect of now my hubby being gone at baseball every night...I had plans! Oh, well... I did tell him, one way or another, even if I have to tell the coach myself, he was having at least one night for me!! ;) )

Speaking of "The Coach", I am relieved to say that I've seen a lot more in the past week that has somewhat put my mind at ease. Not that Mr. Coach isn't still super-intense, but I have to say, the changes I've seen in the boys abilities has been amazing, and Bryce seems to actually be enjoying him. He likes Bryce (even nicknamed him 'Clyde' - for whatever reason), and now that I've seen him relationship building in some positive ways, it makes the yelling a bit easier to take, now knowing it's not just coming out of anger. I know now he actually cares about the kids, and does want the best for them. And the stuff he yells about is because he HAS taught them something, and usually they didn't listen. So, yeah...I still don't love the fact that he's a 'screamer', but at least now it seems a little less over-the-top.

I also have to admit...initially when I was freaking out about him, I was pretty much 'whining' to God about how I could NOT take this guy screaming at the kids, and especially mine! I mean, that is MY kid!! And he was yelling at him! I felt God's answer in my heart and it brought me up short...He said, "Yeah, I feel that way too sometimes when I watch you with my kids." Ouch. That is what I said at their baby dedications, right? Yep...their His, first and foremost...and it was a good reminder for me.

Lastly (I know, this post got a little long...sorry) Kate has all her money in for her mission trip to Peru this summer!! (So many thanks to all you who gave!! Now that the tallies are in and school is out, thank you notes will soon be arriving...). She's still very nervous, but I am just so excited for her and look forward to seeing how God uses this experience in her life. But I gotta say, the prospect of being without my girlie for 2 weeks is a starting to make me a little bit sad...

I guess all that to say.... WELCOME SUMMER!!!!!! :)

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