Monday, June 21, 2010


After a crazy, packed-full weekend, this has been the best Monday morning ever. We literally 'ran' from one thing to the next from the time we got up Saturday morning til we dropped in to bed last night. This morning, however, was glorious.

The kids went to Grammy's last night, and Mommy slept til 10:15. Yes...10:15!!! Oh, the sweet bliss. (I did get up for a few minutes early in the morning with more poor hubby who does not have the same luxury I do, and I do feel terribly bad for him!) But, I did overcome the guilt I felt that he had to head out the door while I headed back to my pillow, and drifted off to dreamland for a few more hours.

When I did finally roll out of bed, I had to make a call to our credit card company because, in the craziness of our current schedule, we forgot to make our payment. Though we paid the entire balance the next morning (less than 24 hours late) we had been hit with a $140 in fees! Ouch! I called, armed and ready to cancel the card if need be in the event they wouldn't waive the fees (even though we pay our entire balance every month and have had the card for several years). I was amazed how friendly the customer service rep and agreeable she was to dropping the fees. In addition, she told me she would bump me into a 'program' that would increase my reward points at no extra cost to me. Uh, okay!

After I got off the phone, I looked out the window to see Maggie in the yard, walking around where her tie didn't reach... Sure enough, somehow, she was loose. I calmly went to the door, called her (and offered food) and she came right in. Whew! This is definitely MY morning!!

Looking forward to the rest of the day going so well! I have no car, and no hubby coming home til after baseball...probably not til around 9, so no time constraints as I delve into my 'to-do' list (which includes everything from laundry to landscaping!).

I believe THIS is called a 'stay-cation'!!