Wednesday, June 30, 2010


Good morning! I don't know where in the world you are reading from, but here in PA, it's an absolutely lovely, cool summer morning...a blessed reprieve from the intense heat and humidity we've been having!

I just have a quick tip I thought I'd share with you today. It's about an online 'magazine' of sorts called Vocalpoint. It's actually, in their words,

Vocalpoint is a community of moms who...

  • Love talking to other people
  • Get energized when they are asked for their opinions
  • Like searching for new knowledge and sharing it with others
  • Enjoy making a difference in people's lives

There's lots of great stuff over there, including articles, household tips, a health & beauty section, surveys, message boards, recipes and more. And, my very favorite, is that they have products that you can get free samples of all different kinds of products! It's been such a fun surprise getting my free samples in the mail (because I never expect them!)....yesterday it was some packets of Crystal Light drink mix I found in my mailbox! I've also gotten shampoo/conditioner and a some other goodies too. And, of course, in with the samples there's usually coupons! And who doesn't love coupons? I do...provided I don't have to 'hunt and clip' them!! ;)

Anyway, I'm really enjoying Vocalpoint, (which I also happen to get delivered directly to me via my email weekly, and then if something catches my eye - and it usually does - I click there right through the link in the email) and thought you might like it too! Check it out here!! (Oh, and just so you know, I do believe you have to 'sign up' for it...set up a profile, get the free stuff, but I've found it to be a secure site, had no problems from it (such as spam) and yes, it really is FREE).

Hope you enjoy!

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