Saturday, February 13, 2010

counting down to V-day!!

Well, it's down to the wire, but still not too late to do something special for your sweetie tomorrow!!

Here's a few more ideas... (some mine, some I found online)
  • Cut out 365 red and pink hearts. Write a loving message on each one and place them in a decorated jar so your valentine will have a message a day for the entire year following. (Granted, this will take a little you could sort of combine this idea with the next one below, and write messages for the number of years you've been together.)
  • Use the number of Valentine's Days you've been together as the theme for romantic evening at home. If you've spent five years together, you would use five candles, five flowers, a five-course meal, five special songs,etc. Make a tent card for the table that says, "Five Wonderful Years with My True Love."
  • Display your message outdoors. Stomp the words in the snow and spray paint the indents red, or scatter flower petals to spell out your message - bricks, stones, flowers, or sticks. (My sister just tried this one, and she told me it works great....get yourself to Walmart, spray paint is only 97 cents! That's a lot of 'bang for your buck'!!)
  • Grab a red lipstick, and after your honey goes to bed tonight, scrawl a love message to them on the bathroom mirror to be discovered when they get up tomorrow morning
  • I have never looked into this personally, but one idea I found online was to rent a hot tub! Seriously, they said there are companies that will come deliver/set up/and then tear down a hot tub for you! She had one delivered and set up in her dining room while her hubby was at work! How cool is THAT?!?!
  • If one or both of you has old love letters saved, pull them out and re-read them together. Reminiscing about how your love blossomed can bring back a lot of spark to a relationship!
  • Go to (you can click that, I have it linked) and create a playlist of some romantic songs to play while you have dinner or...whatever... Be sure to include 'your song'. The website is totally free, and you can search by the specific songs you want. I've made several lists here and it works really well.
If none of these appeal to you, go ahead and do an online search...there's tons I found on there. Just Google 'valentine ideas' or 'creative valentine dates' or whatever you're looking for. There's plenty of suggestions out there. Just do something...and do it quick! Hurry! Time's a-tickin'!

Oh, and one more thing....HAVE FUN!!!! ;o)

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Bets said...

Obviously you've had some time to think about your Valentine plans - hope you have a great time tomorrow!