Sunday, December 20, 2009

thank God for Kids

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There have been so many funny stories emerging from my little ones the past few days, but I just haven't had the spare moments to get them posted. But this one is just too funny not to share...

The other day I had to make a 'run' to the Yankee Candle, not for gifts, but I had absolutely NO Christmasy candles in the house, and who can finish decorating or wrap presents or watch Christmas movies without the cozy scents and warm glow? So, it was imperative I pick up a few. Of course, since I'm there anyway, I simply had to take the time to sniff all the yummy jar candles. Lukey was with me, and he also enjoys sniffing, so we took a few leisurely minutes to indulge. One jar I opened and left him get a good whiff without telling him what it was. Immediately he said "Ooh, that one is coffee!" I said, "Yep! And I REALLY like that one." (Last year I received a pretty pink, but ghastly scented Rose candle from him. He absolutely insisted on it because he informed Todd that I liked pink, so he MUST get me that one. Thought I'd head him off at the pass and plant a few thought-seeds about the coffee candle). We continued browsing, and after a while Luke said, "Mom, I really want to get you that coffee candle for Christmas." I told him that it would probably be better, if he wanted to get me something, to do it when Dad had him out, without me there. He was completely undeterred. "Nooooo," he insisted, "I want to get it noooooow!!" I tried to dissuade him again, explaining that it really wasn't the best for me to purchase my own gift. After more unsuccessful exchange about it, I finally gave it. I figured, after all, Todd would be happy to not have to make the trek to the outlets, because I was pretty sure if I was able to manage to convince Luke to not get it today, he would be relentless in his pursuit of said coffee candle before Christmas. Nothing else would do.

After paying and heading out, as soon as we got in the van, Luke said to me "Mom, when we get home can you help me wrap the candle?" This time I was drawing the line. "No Luke," I said, "I really can't help wrap my own gift. Someone else can help you do that part, OK?" This time he seemed to see the sense in it and quieted down. Later in the afternoon, I had relayed the story to Kaitlyn while Luke was napping. When he got up, still a little bleary eyed, he excitedly said to his sister, "Kate! I got mom's Christmas present today!" (We were all in the living room at the time). She responded "I know! A candle, right?" Luke threw up his arms in frustration. "Kate!!!" He shouted, as he nodded in my direction, so upset his sister said it out loud, right in front of me! :) I quickly jumped in, "It's ok Luke, I'll still be surprised." Amazingly, he seemed satisfied.

Todd & I had a meeting that night, and when we got home, there was a gift all wrapped under the tree, and a funny report from Kate. Apparently he had recruited his big sister to help him. While wrapping she jokingly said to him, "So, do you think Mom knows what you got her?" Totally missing the humor he replied seriously, "I don't think so." Kaitlyn, stunned, said "Are you serious??" to which he replied, "Yeah.". Wisely she left it drop, but practically rolled on the floor later as she told us about the exchange.

The next morning when Luke came out he very solemnly came over to me and asked "Mom, do you know what your Christmas present is?" OH. MY. GOODNESS. It was all I could do not to crack up. I somehow managed to keep my composure and said, "Well, honey, I do, BUT if we don't talk about it anymore from now til Christmas I will probably forget, and then I'll be surprised on Christmas, okay?" Relief visibly washed over him and he happily agreed. Not one word about it has been uttered since.

He's doing great keeping the few other 'secrets' he knows about for his siblings and cousins, and I gotta say, between all his questions about and excitement over understanding the REAL Christmas story, and his questions and obvious struggle about wanting to believe in Santa, but having that niggling feeling he knows the truth, this has been the most fun Christmas with him yet. Little kids are so great.

This morning he was wearing a Santa hat and playing 'train' in the living room with lined up chairs. His brothers did something to harrass him, and he stood up and declared they were on the 'naughty list'. I laughed, at which point he turned to me and said "Now YOU'RE on the naughty list too, Mom!" He was about 1/2 serious, but the twinkle in his eye was priceless. I'm laughing again just thinking about it. All reminds me of that song "Thank God for Kids". So true.


Aunt Linda said...

That was precious! Thanks for sharing that! I'm proud of Kate for her part in all of it, too!

Anonymous said...

That is one of the best kid stories ever!

Cheryl K