Thursday, November 12, 2009

Adoption - A Covenant of Love

There are a couple good giveaways that I'm planning to post soon, and some really delicious recipes I'm planning to share, but first I wanted to share a story about some friends of ours and ask if you would consider helping out.

Friends and fellow church planters in Chambersburg, PA, Doug and Jen Lehman (and their boys Shiloh and Elijah) are preparing for a very special addition in the upcoming months. They are in the process of adopting a little girl from Nepal! As you can imagine, this is a very costly process. In order to help defray the costs, the Lehmans and their family and friends have put together a wonderful cookbook that they are selling. I just got mine this week and can't wait to try some of the wonderfully-yummy recipes! The front page of the cookbook, Which is titled "Favorites from our Table" with the sub-line "Adoption - A Covenant of Love", tells this about the Lehmans' journey of adoption:
We have been blessed with two biological sons, Shiloh and Elijah, who fill our lives with much joy and energy. In the past, we have talked about the possibility and desire to adopt but not until the fall of 2008 did it become a burning desire in our hearts. God used a book called "Daughter of China" to bring us to a place of being ready for this incredible journey. Our hearts connected with the continent of Asia and originally we were thinking of adopting from China, but through research realized the wait for adopting from there was 3-4 years. At the beginning of January 2009, we found out the country of Nepal had recently reopened to adoption and we immediately knew this was the country we were to pursue.

We have seen God's hand at work over and over again in this are a few of the ways: telling the boys they would have a sister and the priceless expressions of joy on their faces, all the paperwork, home study, etc. going smoothly and our family and friends being so supportive through words of encouragement and prayer.

Our dossier (all the official adoption paperwork) was submitted to the Nepali Ministry on June 14, 2009. The next step is for our family to be matched with a little girl, then we will travel to Nepal for 2-3 weeks to complete the adoption and bring her home. God knows who she is and every detail of her life. We know He is at work and is taking care of her. As we wait, we rest in confidence that His plans and timing are perfect.

Until 4 become 5...
Now, here's the really cool part where you can help. I am offering you an opportunity to purchase a cookbook to help this wonderful family, while at the same time gaining some new recipes to try for your own family! Wouldn't it be fun to add a new dish to your Thanksgiving feast? These could also make great Christmas gifts, or even bridal shower gift! As a young bride I received a few cookbooks very similar to this (put together by 'real' people as opposed to the Martha Stewart/Emeril Lagasse variety with daunting dishes I would never even attempt!) and they became my lifeline for coming up with meals on a daily basis!

If you'd be interested in helping this family be united with their precious little girl, I'd be thrilled to tell you how to go about ordering a cookbook. The cost is just $15 (plus $3 S/H). Just leave a comment, with your email address, so that I can give you the Lehman's information - where to send the check and request - in order to get your cookbook shipped. (I'd rather not post it here, as it will be sent to their own home address). Thanks, in advance, for your help! I know you'll reap a blessing in return!


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Laura said...

can you send me her info so i can order a cookbook at some point?