Friday, October 23, 2009


So yesterday I tried my hand as some 'repurposing'. In other words, taking some crappy, junky stuff and transforming it into something nice for in my home! All the lamps in my living room are (or were) a lovely gold. Or, not so lovely, really. They're very dated, tarnished, and in the case of one poor lamp, the shade was so old it had literally disintegrated! I was about to chuck it when my ever-creative sister suggested I spray paint it. (Ever since we re-did Kate's furniture, we are ALL about the spray paint!!) I took a look at these lamps and figured, really, what do I have to lose...they're already ugly!! So after hittin' Walmart for some spray paint and a cool nozzle-thingy to help keep my hand from cramping up on that little spray button, (and helps give a nice even spray) I went for it. Here's the before and afters:

Here's the first lamp whose shade had totally disintegrated (so I did have to buy a shade at WM for this one): Don't you love the tarnished, outdated gold look?

And this one is just a little lamp I had setting on top of a book shelf. You can't see if from this pic, but the inside plastic of this shade was all cracked, and it showed up quite clearly when the lamp was on. So this shade had to go too.

But I just happened to find this little cutie at Liberty Thrift Store for $2! (New shades this size were $7-9 at WM!!) The green trim was a little faded and just didn't thrill me, so for $0.66 I found some perfect ribbon to go over it instead.

After some textured brown Krylon spray paint here's the 'new' lamps looking all cozy in my living room: (a 'overview' shot, and a close up to help you see the actual paint job)

Of particular note, to make Kate happy, please notice the grouping of Willow Tree figures in 'overview' pic above. Kaitlyn insists we keep these placed together because it portrays our whole family...see it? The 2 littler boys with the Mom, the bigger boy with the Dad, and the center of it all...the 'angelic' girl holding the puppy (a yellow lab, of course!). I gotta agree with is pretty cool it works out that way.

AND...I simply must tell you about the best part of all this 're-doing' around my house. Last night after dinner Bryce came into the dining room (to set up the Dutch Blitz game!) and said "Mom, our house is so much better! I think it seems bigger!" I was very surprised he would have anything to say about the house and prodded a little bit... "What do you mean?" He replied, "I mean...all the stuff you're doing around here. Changing stuff, and decorating and stuff. Like...the lamps don't look like they're from the '80's anymore! I think it just makes it seem really nice." Wow. That TOTALLY made my day. I love seeing my family enjoying the 'homey-ness' of our home. I wouldn't trade what I'm doing with my life for anything in the world. (**smiles and sighs, contentedly**)


zz said...

Wow, Jessie, you have really inspired me to get on with the lamp redo. I have one that's emerald green (a Goodwill gem) with a burgundy shade. I like the shade, but together it looks like perpetual Christmas. I will go out this weekend and buy a new, hip (non-80s) color). I do love Kaitlyn's grouping. Very thoughtful and I totally agree w/ the logic. Tell her I was thrilled when I found a Christmas figurine family that had a Ma and Pa bear and 4 baby bears (of approx the same age grouping as mine--3 much older than the baby). I had to search because most groupings have just 2 or 3 "kids".

Bravo to your noticeable little touches that get big results!

Bets said...

Oh my word - they turned out awesome! I'm totally and completely in love with that textured brown paint! The tall lamp is extraordinary! So thrilled for you!

Michelle said...

These look great. Isn't it funny how little changes make such a big difference. Once I get done doing something like you did, I think to myself, "why didn't I do that before now?" :)

Thanks for stopping by my blog. I left a reply to your ? there. I tried to email you thru your blog, but I'm still trying to figure out this whole blogger thing :)