Thursday, October 22, 2009

Dutch Blitz - "A Vonderful Goot Game"

Last night we had the pleasure of teaching the boys how to play 'Dutch Blitz'. It's beginning to be quite enjoyable to play games with them that are beyond some of the 'Memory' and 'Go Fish' variety! Dutch Blitz is a personal favorite of mine, probably because of the countless hours we would play it with good friends of ours when we were first married. They'd come over sometimes multiple evenings in a week, we'd eat dinner together and play Dutch Blitz til the wee hours of the morning! It's pretty crazy when I think back to did we have all that time?!? (Okay, granted we were very young, had lots of energy, no kids, and no money. Oh yeah, that does make a big difference, doesn't it?) Anyway, it's a game that has lots of good memories for me, and I'm really happy to be playing it with my kids. And it's apparently addictive to them too. Bryce came out before he had to be up this morning and wanted to know if we could play. I laughed, but said no, not this morning. As soon as Seth was up, they were talking about how they couldn't wait to play again tonight. (And this time Kate will be home to get in on the fun.) Bryce is already saying he can't wait to teach it to his cousin.

Once much joy in the simple things of life.

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Anonymous said...

I taught Caleb how to play this summer, and much like your kids, wanted to play first thing in the morning (every day). Now he's on to chess. :)
It is fun passing something like that on to your kids- I read the poem thing on the cover to Caleb too- he got a kick out of it!