Thursday, September 24, 2009

cleaning solution

I have a very large mirror on my living room wall. It was there when we moved here, and I always thought it helped to room to not seem quite so small, so it's stayed. However, I can never seem to clean it and really be able to get rid of streaks. I've been doing a bit of searching on the net to see what I could come up with to produce the sparkling, streak-free shine that I want. One streak-remedy I repeatedly came across was to use wadded up newspaper to wipe it with instead of paper towels, and another was to use a 1:1 mix of vinegar and water. So, after being all hyped up about the health benefits of vinegar, I thought I'd give this wonder solution a try!

Well, let me tell you...!!!

It didn't work. Well, let me clarify. It didn't work any better that the Windex. The mirror got clean enough, but when all said and done, I still had streaks! So, my search continued. Then, I hit paydirt. The site that told me the 'magic secret' to my sparkling, streak-free shine...grease. Yep, grease...elbow grease that is!! The site didn't recommend any pricey cleaners or magic cloths, it simply said, if after cleaning your glass you still have streaks, go back over it with a dry paper towel or cloth and put a little 'oomph' into it (not their words, mine). Sure enough! I have a gleaming mirror, accomplished with no gimmicks, just a little, old-fashioned hard work!

(As for the vinegar/water solution, since it did work as well as the cleaner that I have to pay more for, I probably will switch over the non-chemical version of cleaning, save some $, and just know that I'll need to go back over it once it's dry. No biggy!)

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zz said...

Fancy that! And I thought hard work was overrated!