Monday, September 28, 2009

another rite of passage

Just more's official...she's a teenager. Her daddy got her a phone, for which she's been asking for a while, but until school started, we felt was unnecessary. But now that we've got everybody going in different directions, and since she's thus far proven to be very responsible, we had decided maybe it was time. It's also a great option for privilege los should she start slacking off! She does have limited texting, and was told anything she goes over, she's responsible to pay for. I had to chuckle on Saturday when I was away all day at classes, and I texted her a few times on my break. After about 2 or 3 texts, she sent me a message "don't keep texting me" and then called and left a message saying, "Mom, please just call me...I don't want YOU to use up all my texts!" I guess those need to be saved for the really 'important' people in her life! :)

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