Saturday, August 1, 2009

when the dog bites....I simply remember my favorite things...

Hasn't been very much going on here at my blog lately...mainly because I've still just been busy tying up all the 'loose ends' of our projects, etc. However, I think we're done...and this week I felt like summer REALLY started...only to find it already the beginning of August!!! Oh, well. But hopefully my posting will be picking up again.

Something noteworthy though: last night we made our first injury-related trip to the ER. Now, considering the fact that we have 4 children, 3 of which are BOYS, I find it amazing we've made it injury-free thus far. It's truly been a blessing. Even last night's trip was very minor, and not from any crazy boy-antics. We were over at some friends' house and their dog (a little yorky-poo who is not fond of children) bit Luke on his mouth. It broke the skin in 3 places, but the main cause for concern was the one on his top lip, where the skin crosses into the lip. It took one stitch, not a very big deal. In fact, he wasn't even crying when we got to the hospital, which was around 11 p.m., and since it was nearly 3 hours later til he actually got the stitch, he had fallen asleep. He slept through the wounds being cleaned, through us 'mummy' wrapping him in case (or rather for when) he woke up, and although he cried when the actually stuck the needle in and did the stitch, he never even opened his eyes til after it was all done. And the minute the doctor was done stitching, he stopped crying. Over all, the worst part of the ordeal, was sitting in the freezing emergency room til 2 a.m. with our entire family!! Like I said, I still consider ourselves very blessed. (And Luke is still fairly unfazed, and not seeming to have any re-occurances of his former fear of dogs. In fact, today's issue was keeping him from letting Maggie to lick his face!!)

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Holly said...

Bless Luke's heart! And yours too! I'm glad that he's ok! Dog bites can cause some trama that's for sure! Remember when Chanda got bit by that dog at the bottom of the hill? She still likes animals - works at a vets office even!! Give him a hug for me!