Monday, July 20, 2009

do you freecycle??

A week or so ago, a friend tipped me off to this...Freecycle. It's sort of like "craigslist" except you can only post free stuff. It's a Yahoo group that you join, based on the area in which you live. Once you join (and it is totally free), you are free to view or post things that you would like to give away, or things you are looking for. There is a moderator, and posts need to go through moderation before appearing. There is no selling, trading or bartering allowed. The point of the group is to try to keep things out of local 'dumps' and try to provide a forum for "one man's trash, another's treasure" so to speak. Today I posted for the first time, after cleaning out the bottom of my closet, and already tonight I got a response that someone could use my old clothes, and they would stop by to pick them up tonight! You simply reply via email to agree to the pick up, place the stuff outside at a given location and the receiver stops by to get it. Seems like a great idea, and gives me a lot better chance of actually getting my stuff 'gone' instead of piling up in the back of my van (and then getting unloaded and re-loaded 5 times) to go to Goodwill! I'm really excited to be using this, and am thrilled to think that someone is just as happy to get my discarded stuff as I am to get rid of it! Check it out at!

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