Wednesday, June 10, 2009

welcome summer

Today is a milestone day for last day as a 'homeschool mom'. We have finished our school year, had Kate's evaluation today, and have begun the process for enrolling them in school for next year. As I've said before, it's all very bittersweet, but right now I'm trying to remember that I have the whole summer to enjoy with my kids, and then I actually am looking forward to entering this whole new season.

So, our summer is officially in full-swing. Which means my mind is racing with all the things I now have freedom to do!!!! Here's a few on my list:

  • Reading several books that I've had piling up that I want to dig in to
  • Re-doing our basement (that is another post in itself)
  • Deep cleaning my house...the kind that includes washing curtains, scrubbing walls, etc.!
  • Some minor re-decorating
  • Working on some writing projects I have in the works
  • Fixing up my yard
And oh, yes... I plan to do some relaxing as well!!!

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