Wednesday, June 10, 2009


Remember when I posted a few weeks ago about how a simple project usually turns into multiple or bigger projects??? Well, it just happened again! We began looking at our basement area that we are planning to turn into a bedroom for Kaitlyn. It seemed easy enough to me...put up a few walls and voila!! We've had problems with water in the back part of our basement since we lived here. Only occasionally would we get some random wet spots in the carpet of the finished part of the basement. However, apparently there was much more going on than met the eye. When Todd pulled off some of the paneling in the part that is to be the new bedroom, he found mud behind the paneling, as well as insulation that is covered in black mold. From what we can tell, this will mean not only tearing down the paneling/insulation in the part that will be the new bedroom, but the entire basement family room. Aaaarrrrgghhh!!!!

See, Todd isn't a big 'projects' guy. And let me say, that's an understatement. Frankly, he pretty much hates 'projects' least the kind that I come up with! He's been dreading this one for quite a while, but at did agree with me that it needed to be done, so was just gonna 'bite the bullet' this summer and just do it. Let's just say his stress level just went through the roof. It's gonna be interesting around here for the next few weeks...

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Holly said...

That stinks Jess, big time! I'm so sorry!! I hate to hear it was worse than you knew... but glad you found it before someone got really sick from the mold!!