Tuesday, June 16, 2009

still searching...

Still trying to find a place to go for vacation...everything is ridiculously expensive in the summer!!! Now I remember why we never went on vacation before! Anybody own a beach house or a mountain cabin you'd like to rent for a week under $1000??


zz said...

How far do you want to go? We have gone to Myrtle Beach, SC, several years in a row, and never paid more than 1200 in rent for the six of us. In fact, if you're willing to go the last week in Aug, you can sometimes get a last-minute deal for 600-700 at Myrtle Beach Resort. We like it becuase there's so much to do right on the premises: longest lazy river in
SC, I think, plus tennis, game room, and several diff pools, as well as a big stretch of clean, no-boardwalk beach. WE also like Outer BAnks (Corolla Light) for its family friendliness. YOu might also think about Deep
Creek Lake, MD, for a mountain vacation w/ water outlet.

Jessi said...

Thanks for the tips Zoanna. Unfortunately, even $1200 is over our budget. $600-700 is about what we are looking for, but the last week in August is now out because of the kids starting school...the reason we had to cancel our original, very reasonably priced Ocean City, NJ rental. :( It looks like through a friend-of-a-friend type deal, we may have a lead on a house for $100/night!! We'll see if it pans out. I will keep Myrtle Beach in mind...though I'm thinking it would probably be too far of a drive. My aunt used to live in NC, and that was 9 hours...a bit too long with still having 4,7, and 9 year olds! LOL