Tuesday, June 16, 2009

oh, I don't THINK so...

I spent this afternoon scouring stores to find a half-decent bathing suit for my 13 year old. Apparently, if you are looking for anything half-way modest, you are plumb out of luck this season! The ONLY thing we could find (I kid you not) were string bikinis (and an occasional halter), and now and then ONE tankini (which is actually what we were looking for), but that was, according to my daughter, an "old-lady" print. Thankfully, she is truly modest, so there was no battling over the bikinis - she doesn't want one any more than her daddy and I don't want her to have one. For this I am truly grateful. There's just no way that she's gonna be baring it all for everyone to see! And beyond our own protectiveness, I have on good authority - a friend who is the mother of a 13 year old male - that the girls his age running around the pool in their skimpy suits are definitely turning his head.

So, go ahead and label me old-fashioned. I really don't care. It just ain't happenin'.

UPDATE: We did finally find an appropriate suit...I was encouraged to find there are some out there! She was thrilled with it. And guess where it was from... good 'ol Sears. Yep...I should always check the tried and true first, I guess. Here's a pic of what she got from the Sears.com site.

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Holly said...

It's really cute Jess!