Tuesday, June 2, 2009

more Maggie escapades

Living with a lab, I can see how easy it was to have enough stories to write a book/make a movie.

Whenever we load the dishwasher, it's a fight to keep Maggie away; she always stands and tries to get her head in there to lick all the dirty dishes as we load them. Yesterday I had turned away momentarily to reach for more dishes, and by the time I turned back to the dishwasher there was a sudden clamor and Maggie was sprawling across the floor, trying to get away. She had apparently gotten a prong of the bottom rack caught in her collar, and as she ran, she dragged the whole thing with her!! Rack, dirty dishes and all were dragged across the dining room as she scrambled to try get away from the attack appliance!

There was a bunch of screaming and scrambling, and in the end, only one dish got broke. Lucky for her. However, I gotta admit, even in the midst of it, it was pretty hilarious!


Denise said...

Yep, no matter how much of a pain a pet can be sometimes they do add lots to our lives. And no matter how many times I say no more we always seem to have another pet!

Holly said...

SO FUNNY! and so something Jane would do!! Labs make for never a dull moment!