Friday, May 15, 2009


I was pleasantly surprised this morning when Seth opened the front door and announced there were packages for me! The boxes were from Zondervan, but I couldn't remember ordering anything recently. After quickly tearing into them, I excitedly pulled out three very interesting-looking books, and a letter stating these were the first installment of books that I agreed to read and do blog reviews for for Zondervan. I signed up for this program a few months back, but in the meantime, it slipped my mind! The timing of their arrival is just perfect as we are winding down with school, and I'm eagerly anticipating some free time to lose myself in reading anyway! So, just giving you a 'heads-up' to be watching for my upcoming reviews of these books:

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Holly said...

Awesome! I'm excited to read the reviews.... I need a new good book!