Tuesday, April 28, 2009

new find

I really don't like taking vitamins. I dislike swallowing them (I prefer chewing before consuming something) and I especially hate the 'vitamin aftertaste'. But recently I noticed that my nails kept breaking and peeling, and I could NOT get them to grow for anything...a problem I've never really had before. So I began wondering if maybe I was a little deficient in something. I figured it probably wouldn't hurt to start taking a vitamin; I know, I know, a very lame reason to start something I should be doing for my general health anyway. Thankfully, Betsy had introduced me to these - chocolate chew vitamins. Granted, it's not exactly Godiva, but hey, it's enough for me to fool myself into thinking I'm getting a treat rather than a vitamin! Whoever came up with this must've had me in mind!

(They also have regular vitamin pills that are coated with a fruity flavoring so you don't have the aftertaste. I tried them, and they did work, however, there was still not enough 'draw' in them for me to keep taking them.)

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