Sunday, April 26, 2009

my birthday

Today is my birthday, and I just want to report that I've had a wonderful weekend celebrating it. Actually, not everything I did was even because of my birthday, but I am just thoroughly enjoying everything about this weekend! The weather has been beautiful...some might say too hot, but it's actually quite perfect for me...and I got to watch my boys play baseball, got to hang out with some friends at a baby shower in the afternoon, and Todd took me to a Reading Phillies game in the evening (since the big-league Phils were in Flordia)...and they won! (For those of you who might not be local, the R-Phils are the minor league team for the Phila. Phillies). We got home early enough to relax a bit - watch the end of the Phila Phils game and then a movie, and after spending some time outside this afternoon, I'm watching yet another game. Just never gets old for me, I guess.

I also got some lovely gifts including jewelry, clothes, a candle and chocolate! What more could a girl want?!? I have great family and friends!

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