Friday, April 24, 2009

I'm baaaaaack!!

Well, I am now officially back to blogging. I took some time off, and to be honest, I wouldn't say it necessarily helped. None of the difficult or frustrating or confusing situations in my life have really changed. But it was valuable for me in re-assessing my blog, it's purpose and whether or not it's just a waste of time. What I learned is that actually, when I am "on the alert" for blog-worthy happenings in my life, it helps me to look for the good and significant things. Rather than just letting the 'big' things sort of bowl me over, I am more aware of the small things. Things that I my kids, and even occasionally the crazy dog. Things that I appreciate, like wonderfully warm sunny days and beautiful spring flowers. And things that amaze me, like my husband's love and forbearance (read: putting up with me!!) and God's mercies - new for me every morning!

So even though my posting might be somewhat sporadic over the next few weeks, as we are coming down the home stretch with school and just getting into the full-swing of little league, I'm happy to be back to sharing my randomness with whoever cares to read it

Here's a glimpse of today's joy... gorgeous weather and this loveliness gathered from my yard!

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