Tuesday, March 24, 2009

popes & bishops & homeschooling

The boys have been playing chess the past few days (thanks to their cousin Anna teaching Bryce and starting quite a trend in our house!), and tonight both Seth and Bryce took a turn playing Todd. At one point I overheard Seth pointing out a certain piece to Todd and saying "That piece is the pope!" Todd replied "You mean the bishop." "Oh, yeah, right," says Seth.

After a good chuckle, I explained to Todd, who was looking quizzically at Seth, wondering where the pope/bishop confusion came from, that we are learning about medieval times, and the crusades, right now in history.

Well, he might have some things askew, but overall, some connections must be being made. (He also commented that the piece looks like the pope's hat...). I always feel so good when I get to see them trying to apply some knowledge they've gained in settings away from our 'classroom'.

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