Monday, March 23, 2009

irony and crocuses

This past weekend was a CRAZY one. We threw a surprise bridal shower for my mom on Friday night, and then a surprise birthday party for Kaitlyn on Saturday at lunch! In my opinion, everything from planning to execution went beautifully, both bride and birthday girl were very surprised, and I think everyone seemed to enjoy themselves. All in all, I think that both events were a success.

I was also reminded of some craziness in my life exactly ten years ago. I was also throwing a bridal shower (for my sister) and a birthday party (also for my daughter, who was then turning a tiny 3!). However, in the midst of all that, my marriage was exploding and falling in a shambles around my feet. I've told this story on here before, when I posted the reasoning for naming my blog "crocuses in march", so feel free to click here if you've never heard my story.

Rather than go into it all again, I just wanted to mention the irony that struck me as I thought back on that this weekend. Here I am, ten years down the road, doing the very same things, but from a completely different standpoint. I now have a strong and thriving marriage (thanks to the grace of God) and 3 more beautiful children. Though I would certainly never say my life is "perfect" (I mean, who really has "perfect"?), I value, more than words can express, all that God done and have such a greater understanding of love, mercy and grace. I do not in any way deserve all that I have; I am truly living a miracle. I am completely in love with my husband, and have a faith and hope in Christ my Savior that he has, can and will carry me through the storms of this life. And I'm grateful for the lovely, yearly reminder - whenever I see crocuses - that no matter what things appear like on the surface, God is able, in his infinite love and power, to bring forth life from any dead place.


Aunt Linda said...

I agree...both events were a huge success!!! What an honor it was for me to be there to celebrate Kaitlyn's 13th birthday. It makes me feel so special, warm, and cozy to know that Kaitlyn has a place in her heart for her old, great-aunt. She's been a special girl from the get-go.

I had a wonderful time both in helping to put together the shower, and to be able to spend time with your kids and Betsy's kids during the prep. They were so fantastic in WANTING and ASKING for jobs to help!!!! Hugs & kisses to all of you!!

Laura said...

i don't have anything special to say... i just liked this post. I've very glad you guys came through that crisis... many lives would be very different if you hadn't, and not in a good way!

zoanna said...

I love this testimony. Yes, I've read it before, but it's good to hear again. I think of your story when I see crocuses.

And I love your new blog look. Very crisp and cheerful, easy on the eyes, and vibrant.

Christelle Joy said...

thanks for sharing. thats all so cool

Ainsley said...

Awesome testimony... how cool to be reminded of God's grace in the middle of all the craziness!