Thursday, February 19, 2009

the wedding reindeer

Our family has a wedding coming up, and we will all be involved. In fact, the wedding is my mom's. She will be getting re-married on May 2. While I personally have run the gamut of emotions in processing all of this, I can always count on my kids to keep it simple and humorous.

It was just decided last night that all my mom's grandkids (all 11 of them - ages 1 to 13!!) would be in the actual wedding party. At first we had tried to poo-poo the idea, (we reminded her that it was to be a wedding, not a circus!) but it was just very important to her to have them included, and we wanted to honor her wishes (it is her wedding after all!) so we figured out a fairly sane order to get them all down the aisle in the most non-circus-like fashion. (Thinking about it now, I'm thinking it will actually be pretty stinkin' adorable!) So, today began the hunt for matching shirts and dresses of some sort for the whole gaggle of cousins.

As we drove along in the van, Lukey piped up from the backseat... "Hey Mom, you know how I'm gonna be the reindeer in Nan's wedding..." I interrupted him, "The what, honey??" "The reindeer - to walk with Elley, the flower girl..." I corrected him, "You mean the ring bearer." He responded unfazed, "Oh yeah, the ring beer..."

I have to admit, all evening I've been chuckling to myself over the various images I am getting of just what this child must be picturing in his mind is going to be taking place...


Bets said...

what's a circus without some wild animals?!!!?

Aunt Linda said...

The little fellow (who is now over 6ft tall!) who was the ring bearer in Holly's wedding demonstrated his idea of what he was supposed to do--he did "lock steps" while simultaneously roaring. His mom asked him about the roar & he replied "I'm the ring BEAR." He seemed to be a little disappointed when he was told her could not roar! LOL