Wednesday, February 18, 2009


Today our network of churches is having a day of prayer and fasting for the millions threatened with famine in Kenya. Our overseers have asked us to consider forgoing eating for one day, and put the money we would use for that day's food (they calculated about $9/adult) and donate it to a relief fund.

We have many churches in our network in Kenya, and have had the privilege of getting to know some of the people from them when we gather at our yearly international convention. It certainly makes it much more real, as I think of my own hunger after what really is merely hours since I last ate, to put actual faces of my brothers and sisters in Christ with such hardship. To think of having nothing, or very little, to feed their children, while mine pick from many choices of what they 'prefer' to eat for lunch.

I'm glad to have this day reminding me of my own blessings, and to lift up my spiritual family around the world, asking God to meet them in their time of need.


Anonymous said...

Right on, sister.

Anonymous said...

last one from Dan.