Thursday, December 18, 2008

my christmas gift

I know I promised Part 2 of the 'Traditions' post, but I just had to quick throw this in here. I'm up early this morning because I have scads of stuff to get done (is 'scads' another one of those Pennsylvania words that I use that no one else ever heard of?? Apparently I use several of those, and never had any idea!), and I have to be a busy-bee and get it all done quickly because tomorrow I get my Christmas present!! I know, you're scratching your head saying, "What is she talking about??". Weeeeelllll....let me tell you!!!

My wonderful husband is giving me my present early, and my present is that he is whisking me off somewhere overnight!!! I am so giddy with excitement I'm nearly jumping out of my skin. I have no idea where we are going, or what we are doing, but he told me that we have a time schedule and that I am to take something dressy to wear. (He said he probably won't wear a suit, but he could - that kind of dressy!!) He worked out all the details of having some good friends of ours come and stay overnight with the kids here at home, so kids and dog are both covered. (Everybody should have such awesome friends!!) He's only working the morning tomorrow and then we are headed off to...well...wherever it is we are going!

I've been trying to wrestle clues out of him, for the past 2 weeks since he began taunting me that he already 'had' my Christmas present. At first I thought it was a new laptop (a Macbook, actually) but when he was forced to tell me that I couldn't schedule anything the 19th or 20th, it was then that part of the surprise had to come out. It's been driving me bonkers to not go in his e-mail account (where he informed me the answers to my questions lie blatantly accessible to me!) and just take a peek - you know, get a 'general idea' what we're doing! But I've restrained myself. He told Kate & Bryce, so I asked Bryce last night if I'll like what we're doing. He said "Yeah, I guess." Then I asked if he would like it. He chuckled and said "Nooooo." Hee hee. That must mean it's something 'grown up' (and not involving drums or electric guitars at least!).

Well, I probably won't be able to post for a few days, though I'll try to get my other 'Traditions' post in later on today. I'll be sure to fill you in when I return!!

I just love the holidays!!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

sounds exciting!!! have fun! be refreshed!

Holly said...

Sounds so wonderful!! Have a really good time!!!

Laura said...

yeah, glad you had fun... better than a macbook!!