Thursday, November 6, 2008

thankful thursday

Today is Thursday, and while I've missed many a 'Thankful Thursday' post, it's not because I haven't been thankful, just felt like I've been taken out by a tidal wave called life! But I sort of feel like I'm having one of those "I-get-to-come-up-and-take-some-big-gulps-of-air" weeks, so I even realized this morning that today is Thursday!! (And that's no small thing, my friends, for me to actually know what day it is!!) So here goes...

  1. SO thankful that I seem to be getting in somewhat of a 'groove' with the new charter school thing...not sure we'll do this same thing again next year, but I at least feel like I can make it thru this year.
  2. Thrilled the elections are over and I can stop getting 5+ calls per day with recorded voices asking me to vote!!
  3. Deeply thankful for the settled peace in my heart that no matter who is our president, Jesus is still King of Kings
  4. Thankful for the wonderful fall season, which best of all means Christmas is just around the corner!! (And I LOVE Christmas!!)
  5. Thankful for old friends and good memories
  6. Really appreciating our local public library lately
  7. Loving that 3 out of 4 Clemmer children can shower and dress themselves!!
  8. Giving thanks for my cozy little house, even though there's many things I'd like to change, at least I have a home.
  9. Thankful that my sis has a nice big house where we can now comfortably have family dinners without everyone being right on top of each other! (I'm getting into holiday mode now...can you tell?)
  10. So thankful that I'm married to my best friend, who I love being with, talking with, and just can't seem to get enough time with!!


Aunt Linda said...

I love the holidays too...have even started listening to Christmas music that's available on my cable TV!!! (Shhhhh--in fact, I began listening to Christmas music in October. Tee hee hee--it's ok, I'm the crazy aunt & everybody needs one of them in their family. LOL)

I would LOVE to be able to host the annual ladies Christmas Tea at my house. I know that could never happen, as long as we are living to far away from absolutely EVERYBODY, but I still love the thought.

Enjoy your day!

Jessi said...

I'm already dropping hints to Betsy (HINT, HINT!!)that we should totally have it at her big new house!! Would you be able to come up any time in Dec??

Bets said...

No more hints needed Jess! I'm totally up for it - provided it's after openhouse - let's pick a date and a theme! And I'm breaking out the Christmas music TODAY!!!

Holly said...

Oh oh me too! Luke wanted to watch the Polar Express yesterday - which we taped on our TiVO last year (and he watches ALL THE TIME), but it got me in the Christmas mood too! Then of course it's like 75 degrees here today!!

Ainsley said...

Great list! I would love for my children to be able to dress themselves.=)

Aunt Linda said...

I would love to be able to come north for the Christmas tea! It is very difficult for me to ride for any length of time because of my back problems, so a quick trip to PA & back again is out of the question right now. However, we could all pray for a really cheap airfare from Chattanooga to Philly or Allentown!